Sit back and relax as here are ten reasons you should have Casa De Campo Dominican Republic on the top of your bucket list. From a magnificent replica 16th century Mediterranean village in the heart of Casa De Campo to oceanside views that are unmatched to what other Caribbean Islands offer.

1: Easily Accessible

Getting to the exotic island from the United States or Canada is no hassle since more non-stop flights from both countries than any other destination in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Flight prices range between $500-USD 1000, and no booking is needed. If an 8-hour flight to Europe or a 10-12 hour flight to Hawaii is not within your comfort risk level for flying during light Covid-19, then the Dominican it is.

You have three airports to choose from; listed here from least costly arrival point to most costly. Santo Domingo 1 hour, Punta Cana Airport 45, and La Romana airport 5 minutes away from Casa De Campo.

2: 100% Free Shot of Vitamin Sea

The Dominican Republic offers many beaches that engage everyone; from crystal clear and white sandy beaches across the island to isolated coves in the north part of the country, you’ll always find a place for you to soak up the sun.

Casa De Campo’s Beach Club at Minitas Beach offers all of the above; plus making it even more remarkable is that you can enjoy 5-star award-winning cuisine day or night, share some quality time with your little ones at one of the two pools designed just for kids or have some adult time and just let it all out and at the beach club bar with a pool reserved for adults only.

3: Ridiculously Delicious Food and Drink

Casa De Campo’s many restaurants boast a great variety of food and drink, with a vast array of unique wines and local liquors to choose from. Discover the taste of the islands and or local hearty Dominican dishes waterfront at the Marina of Casa De Campo.


Then there are the other options, dine al fresco at one of Simply Dominican Casa De Campo’s 5-star villas, usually featuring local chefs who come with their food creativity to delight friends and family and even business colleagues. One of our villas, Casa Miralejos, is, in our opinion, one of the best villas to rent to enjoy this experience, and you can book it at with no broker or agent fees. If your entire group can prove you are all Vaccinated against Covid-19, we will offer 10% off the agreed-to rate.

5: Glorious Masterpieces Of The Ancient Times

Casa De Campo is home to marvelous Altos de Chavon, whether you are a history buff or not. Located southeast of the Dominican Republic, in La Romana, and only 110 kilometers from the historic city of Santo Domingo and nestled on the top of a leafy and rocky plateau. Built-in 1976. Suppose you have had the opportunity to visit an ancient Mediterranean village now you can.

Altos de Chavon is also home to St. Stanislaus Church, consecrated in 1979, and is one of the most beautiful churches in the Dominican Republic. Suppose you plan to rent a villa instead of staying at the Casa De Campo hotel because you’re hosting a wedding or baptism. In that case, you can still use the church to celebrate any of these sacraments and host the pre-post event using Casa De Campo’s incredible catering and event services. Book your next Dominican Republic Destination wedding at Villa Du Cacique and for more information, visit this link.

6: Vibrant Nightlife

Feeling young or at heart, the time of your life can be had in Casa De Campo. From party spots like the natural pools off the coast of Casa De Campo or a visit to SGB at the marina’s lighthouse, you name it; there is no shortage of places to let loose. A visit to the natural pools can easily be arranged by visiting this link.

7: Rural Tranquility

If you want to do the opposite of party, then Casa De Campo is an optimal choice. The beauty of Casa De Campo is that it also lies in a rural area of the country called La Romana. Here you won’t find city lights, noise and or air pollution. It’s the perfect place to arrive, sit by the pool, read a book and relax. An ideal villa to settle into is Casa La Playa, with a private beach and nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Bahia Minitas. You can book this villa by clicking here.

8: The Culture

What makes this place vibrant and wow-worthy is its people and multi-cultural vibe and lifestyle that combine cultural elements from dance and music to food. One thing that’s undoubtedly to be part of your post-travel stories is how wonderful and kind the Dominican people are. There is a lot of history to this island about is people dating back to the time of the Taínos. The Taíno were an indigenous people of the Caribbean, and you can learn more about the Taino’s by clicking here.

9: Great Spa

Casa De Campo is your ideal spot for finding a relaxing spa vacation — with Casa De Campo hotel’s state of the art spa offering and in-villa spa treatments that are both rejuvenating and revitalizing, there is no place to hide from the most talented spa professionals and therapists you can find on the island.

Finally number 10:

For those are active in life, there is nothing like sports. Casa De Campo is simply unmatched in all of the Caribbean when it comes Golf and the Sporting life. You can choose from one of the many golf courses starting with the World Reknowned “Teeth of the Dog” course or go horse back riding and then in the later afternoon meet your friends at the shooting range. You name it Casa De Campo offers it.

It was a pleasure to share my top ten reasons why you should get excited and book your first trip to Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic. If you need any help the professionals at can help. Simply contact us at +1 (809) 619-4367 | +1 (561) 484-3912 and real estate professionals are welcomed to book for their clients and we do pay reffer fees.

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